Sunday, March 6, 2011

This & That....'s been "over" a week since I last posted.  I really need to get my butt in gear and get better at this!  I have been on my blog...still playing around with designs and stuff.  

Now...if I can just remember what I did for the last week (memory loss gets worse with age). 

Let's see....hmmmm.....oh right....I babysat the sweetest, most well behaved little 11 month old on Monday & Thursday.  She's just a little pet! 

Chloe LOVED her....

The rest of the week wasn't so productive.  I think I'm in a winter blues rut!  We have so much snow here!!  Today it was above zero and raining...and even though it may cause some minor this point, I really don't care.  I just want to get rid of the stinking snow!  I just want to be able to see my deck!!! 

So...with this Embracing Change thing...I'm also determined to stay on a healthy eating plan.  I love love love Simply For Life.  When I was in to see Mike (my consultant)  a couple weeks ago...Bruce (the founder of SFL), took me into "Bruce's Kitchen" and showed me how to make a breakfast wrap and a fruit and veggie smoothie.  They were both delicious, and I've been eating/drinking them every day since he showed 

The Simply For Life Facebook page is awesome!!!  Bruce puts alot of interesting info on there.  One day, he was talking about Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery.  He said to get The Big 16 sprouted bread. 

Of course I had to run right out and get it....and boy am I glad I did!  It's delicious!!!  Because it's all natural, it has to be kept frozen...but it is so yummy!!  

Another change that I'm making is, getting all my debt paid off!!  Yes...I really am!  I'm going to do this!!  When I was looking at some of the comments on Sara's blog...I noticed alot of people talking about Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover".  So...I went and bought it!   I didn't even realize that Dave Ramsey was a christian, until I started reading the book!!  I'm half way through the book...and I'm so excited to finish and get started on my "Total Money Makeover".

I also bought some daisy's.  I clean for my Aunt...and she was coming home from Arizona, and being faced with all this dreadful snow!  I can't even imagine.  How aweful would that be?!?!  So when I was out cleaning her house, I left some of the daisy's for her, and brought the rest home for me.  After all...I'm the one that's been actually living in all this snow for the past month in a half, while she lived in it goes without saying that I needed a little pick me up too!! 

Tomorrow starts a new week!!  New Beginnings!  New opportunities to Embrace Change!!

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