Friday, February 25, 2011


Here it is...almost a whole week since I last posted.  My intention was to post every day...but life sometimes gets too busy for that I guess.  So...for the past week, I've been doing some different things.  I did finally finish my pantry last weekend.  Here are the before and afters....

BEFORE (These are the two worst shelves and it drove me crazy!!)

More BEFORE....


So much for my nice clean kitchen...

AFTER... now my kitchen and pantries are all in order...again!  (notice the cat dish on the bottom shelf. That's because if I leave it down...the dog eats all her food).  And my kitchen is tidy once again!!

A couple days ago...I decided that I wanted to be able to see part of my I went out and started shovelling.  I used a spade shovel first to break up the hard icy parts, then used a regular one to shovel the bulk of the snow.  The next day...the sun had been shining and was warm enough to melt the bottom layer so that I was able to scrape the rest away and see my deck!'re having another snow storm!!  BOO :(  
I'll be right out there tomorrow getting that fresh snow off my deck!!!

Today was also my weigh-in day at Simply For Life.  I lost 3 3/4 lbs.  So excited about that!  I know some may think that I don't need to lose any weight...but I honestly do.  I'm now at 140 and should be 125.  I carry it it's not as noticable to everyone.  I see it in my face...and I definitly feel it.  My clothes don't fit...and the worst thing of that I have no energy.  My goal is to feel awesome!!  Not to have people look at me...but to feel good about myself. 

Have a great weekend!!!

“Joyful in hope” – Even when things go wrong, hang on to your hope in God and it will give you joy.

“Patience in affliction” – Remain patient because you know God will use whatever you’re going through for good.

“Faithful in prayer” – When tough times come, you have a choice: you can either pray continually or you can panic. You can either be on your knees giving it to God, or you can give up.


  1. Your pantry and kitchen looks great!!!!

  2. Hi Natalie, just stopped over from Lemonade Makin' Mama. Looks like you were busy cleaning out your pantry. Looks great now! Mine looks like your before pics. I need to get on that.