Saturday, February 19, 2011 it is Saturday...and I haven't posted anything since Wednesday!  

I started tearing apart my pantry and cleaning it out.  Well...that lead to every other cupboard in the I'm still not finished.  I worked on Thursday....had appointments on Friday...went to our friends house for supper Friday night...and in and around all of that...have been running teenagers here, there and everywhere!!   I worked on the kitchen a bit this morning...but then it was off to work again.  Weekends are busy for us!!  Tomorrow we'll go to church in the morning...then more work in the afternoon.  Monday I work again...but off on Tuesday.  Who knows when I'll actually get it done. 

One of my appointments on Friday was with Mike and Bruce at Simply For Life .  Mike is my consultant, and Bruce is the founder.  I had a good chat with Mike (he's an awesome motivator) and then Bruce took me into the kitchen to show me a few tricks and got me to try a couple of new things.  I am now addicted to both of those things!  Next time...I'll bring my camera!!
Click the link below to check out the Simply For Life facebook page. 

Simply For Life facebook page

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