Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My daughter is home on March Break...so all day I kept feeling like it was Saturday.  I love having my girl around!  She is such a special young lady.  She's kind and loving and so pleasant to have around.  She'll sit and talk for hours.  I hope she never gets too cool to talk to her mom. 

Today we went and got our hair done.  She got a little bit of blonde in hers, and I got some of the blonde taken out of mine.  I've always had blonde highlights...but I'm finding now that I'm older...the blonde blonde just doesn't look good.  Too much blonde shows my age...haha....and we can't have that!!!



Some more pics of my beautiful daughter....and she's just as beautiful on the inside!!   

I have a special boy too....but he HATES to have his picture taken.  I'm going to have to do some searching to find a few pics of my boy...so that will be another day.  

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