Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here I go again....

Oh my...I suck at blogging!!  I haven't blogged anything since April!!  That is really really bad!!  I even forget how to do some of the stuff!! my own has been a VERY busy summer!!  And besides being busy...I have a new obsession....PINTEREST!!  Oh how I love Pinterest!!   I am on a quest to get organized...and I am finding all sorts of great ideas on Pinterest.  I have found lots of new blogs to follow, some online places to order from, some health & fitness ideas (which I need badly).  Oh...and recipes galore!  As I use some of these fun ideas and recipes...I'll be sure to share!! I go again!  I am going to try my best to keep this blog current!!  I think hope my business is over...for awhile anyways.  I have A LOT of things around my house that need to be done, plus, I have about 25lbs to lose.  So, with that being said...I guess I will still be very busy...but doing stuff that I actually WANT to do!!  And doing my best to blog about it!  I'm hoping to someday look back at this blog, and see just how far I've come!!!

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