Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today...I was EXTREMELY agitated!  Not exactly sure why...just agitated. 

No matter how petty they may seem...everyone has their little things that drive them crazy!  My husband is a great help.  He does a lot around the house.  He's an awesome "tidier".   But he's famous for putting things where ever he can find a spot...as long as it's out of site....and that drives me crazy!  I can never find anything!

This is one of his favorite hiding places when he's "tidying" and getting things out of site.

He puts dirty pots and pans in the oven and out of site until he can get to washing them. I can't tell you how many times I've turned the oven on with stuff in the oven.  Drives me crazy!

Ok...so now that I have that out of my system....I actually feel a little better...lol.  And the fact that I actually accomplished something today was a big mood booster too!!

When I gave up most of my residential cleaning jobs...I got myself into a terrible routine.  I'd stay up late...and sleep in...just because I could!  That's been going on for way too long now!  It hasn't been good for me.  Even my weight has been effected!  I was off to a great start in the New Year...but a week later...I got sick with a cold and did nothing but lay around...again.  Which is what brings me to blogging....

Today I got up early (well...early for me).  I stripped the bed...got dressed...then threw the sheets in the washer.  Then of course I had to have a cup of coffee before I went any further.

My husband cleaned the kitchen counters last night...because he hates to go to bed with the kitchen a mess...and I was just too tired to do anything!

My kitchen/dining area was a MESS!!  Work all weekend...then worked all day Monday....so it had been neglected for a few days.   So....this is what I tackled today!! 

And now....the finished product.....a clean kitchen/dining area!  PHEW!

Today was more of a clean-up day...and now to keep it this way.  Tomorrow....the pantry!

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  1. Love your kitchen cabinets! I've enjoyed reading your blog!